5 Tips to Help Overcome Fears.

I recently went live on my Facebook page about overcoming fears. We all have fears, but where do our fears come from? Well “us” of course! Our subconscious mind likes to play many tricks on us!

In the video, I spoke about what I have done in the past to overcome my fear of water, heights, and public speaking. Public speaking is the most feared thing of all, would you agree?

Many of us are afraid of “putting ourselves out there” as we fear rejection, getting hurt, we avoid taking risks. It is human nature to avoid something that makes us feel uncomfortable.

Here are a few things I do to step outside my comfort zone!

  1. Take one small action each day, one little thing that you fear.
  2. Allow yourself to “sit” with the feeling and reflect on it. It is really as bad as you think? I did this recently as I made my way up a lighthouse near where I live. I am not good with heights and all I wanted to do was come down those steps again, but I didn’t I sat with the fear until my heart stopped racing as much! I was delighted with myself. (the little things).
  3. Write down all that could go wrong… What would happen if I lost my job, I have started a business, but what if I fail? What will happen if I stand up for myself at work? Once you have this done, get that piece of paper and burn it!
  4. Be kind to yourself, “talk” to yourself in a loving and supportive way that you would to a friend, your sister, your daughter…
  5. Visualize the best outcome. Any triathlons or races I have done, I don’t spend my time thinking of the process, I think of the outcome. I literally have a picture in my head of all my gear, my bike, driving to the triathlon, parking the car, setting up, passing each stage, and crossing the finish line. I do this over and over again many times in my head. If I focus on the “water” aspect of it, I will send fear rushing through my body, then I would become obsessed with just that one thing.
  6. Celebrate the wins, no matter how small! Rome wasn’t built in a day and we all have to start somewhere! ( I used a spider in the image for this blog!)

Love and laughter,
Linda 🙂


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