Linda Flynn- Life Coach

Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by! Now let me ask you this? Are you ready for change, I mean real change and real results?

Are you tired of life? Are you ready to jump out of bed in the morning and say ” Hell yes, let’s do this”?

Do you feel like life is passing you by and you are barely coping? Are you always tired? Do you feel like you have lost a little bit of your soul? Do you feel like you are not the best wife/partner, mother, daughter, friend that you once were? Do you race through life without stopping and smelling the roses?

Have you forgotten the joy of walking in barefoot in the ocean…

We all get stuck in life at times, I know that I have but thankfully after years of my personal development I am living a life that I truly want. And guess what you can too!


Linda Flynn


Passionate about helping others achieve their goals

Hi there and thanks for visiting my page. I’d love to tell you a little about me and why I love helping others. I have for many years felt a huge desire to help others, I truly believe I was put on this earth to help others, many people have told me over the years how I have helped them. But for a number of years I “stood” in my own way, and let my own limiting beliefs stop my light from shining brightly.

I have like many people do not have the best memories of school, I just never felt smart, would often be put standing in the corner and when I did me leaving cert in 1995 I failed it. I felt like such a failure. But during my twenties, I went on to study many different things and found I LOVE learning! I love meeting people and am fascinated about different types of therapy.

I have been on a personal development journey over the last ten years, and back in 2013 I set up my first business ” Flynn Admin”. While that business did not succeed at the time, I have learned so much from it. Failure should be encouraged more as we can learn so much from it!

I live near Cong in the West of Ireland with my partner, my stepchildren and our fur baby Freddie!


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