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Are you feeling “stuck” in your business or career?

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Would you like more clarity and confidence to “go after” what it is that you want?

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Linda has helped me with growing my confidence in my business, she guides, supports, and challenges me, and intuitively knows when to do so. Linda is a great listener knows exactly how to emphasize the weak point that I need to work on.

I was very happy to have Linda as my life coach and definitely will continue our journey together.

Jennifer Boktor

Business Owner

I would 100% recommend Linda to anyone looking to get life coaching. From our very first conversation, I felt like she was an old friend. She has the most comforting voice, I was just so at ease with her and I wouldn’t usually open up or talk about my feelings.

She showed huge compassion and understanding for me and I really couldn’t recommend her enough.

She really saved me and gave me a new outlook on life by bringing back my positive self ❤journey together.



I know Linda for years and really admire her, I know that she has battled with her own struggles in the past, so she was hands down, the best person for me to go to for coaching.


I recently went back to education after many years of not having picked up a book. I started becoming more and more stressed and anxious thinking about the course work and studying and waking up at night. During the session with Linda, some other past trauma came up that I had not associated with this and Linda supported and guided me through this.

After the session, I felt a lot calmer and my anxiety was dramatically reduced and still is weeks after the session. You have helped me more than you’ll ever know.



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